Pathways at Yirara College

The Pathways department liaise with academic and boarding staff to support and guide students with the planning and development of career opportunities.

Students are supported in:

TRAINEESHIPS & APPRENTICESHIPS – Yirara College provides opportunities for students to combine school attendance and workplace employment. Students undertaking traineeships or apprenticeships are provided with training relevant to the particular industry.

WORK EXPERIENCE & PREPARATION FOR EMPLOYMENT – programs are conducted at Yirara College which encourages students to develop skills and knowledge relevant to work preparation.

CAREER EXPOS & INDUSTRY VISITS – we provide opportunities for students to be exposed to a variety of career opportunities including University, TAFE and industry options.

VOCATIONAL EDUCATION & TRAINING in SCHOOLS – Yirara College offers VET programs which develop skills and knowledge with a practical hands on approach. Students are provided with opportunities to develop skills in an area of interest to them whilst gaining a nationally recognised qualification.

OTHER PROGRAMS - The College recognises the importance of life skills, therefore we provide opportunities for students to obtain essential certificates including drivers licenses, first aid certificates, ochre cards and white cards.