Community Liaison

Community Liaison Officers are the people who help parents, guardians, carers and community members in their interaction with the College.

Who are the CLO’s?

The Community Liaison  Office are the team of people whose job is to make sure that students are able to come to Yirara. The CLO’s work with the school, the students community, Abstudy and the students family to organise the following things;

· Paperwork to get students to school

· Student Travel

· Leave passes

· Keeping student information up to date

· Abstudy payments

CLO staff travel regularly to communities. Look for the car with the Yirara sign and say 'hello', talk about your community and your young people.

CLO staff promote the importance and value of education and the many programs that Yirara offers.

You can contact the CLO department here:- or phone 0889 505 644

The CLO team is made up of the following people;