Student Wellbeing

"All Yirara College staff are responsible for the care, encouragement and love of our students. This extends from the Principal to the maintenance staff."

Yirara College has a strong focus on Students and their overall wellbeing whilst being away from their family and communities. To support the students, we have engaged different programs from Clontarf and Girls Academy as well as engaging activities that benefit the student in the academic and boarding space. 

The programs and activities are to develop strength of character, fitness, team work and harmony.

Students also have access to outside organisations that help support mental health issues and their general wellbeing.

Here at Yirara, we have a student support team that liaise with Senior House Parents and Academic staff to support students that are having issues or concerns. Our main purpose is to ensure that support is given at all times which means negotiating with families through calls or face to face discussions. Other meetings are also facilitated with students and teachers to offer on-going support in the classroom as well as boarding space.

Our Director of Student Wellbeing will liaise with external organisations and support systems to promote relationship building and opportunities for our young people to succeed.

Student Support is available for family to make contact if they have any concerns about their student's behaviour or wellbeing whilst they are at Yirara College